Saturday, August 29, 2009

Style Note

In regards to the differences in fashion on each coast, one thing stood out to me most. New York City has much more variety in style, whereas in Los Angeles, there is less deviance from the relaxed path of a West Coaster. Simply put, LA is defined by their laid back look. NYC has every fashion variety under the sun and you can see it by just sitting back and watching the NYC inhabitants rush past you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rising in the East

I haven't been able to blog due to the fact that I have been in a car driving across the country, literally coast to coast. I just made the move from LA to NYC. On my drive, I was reminded of a song "America, the Beautiful". I could post some gorgeous picture, but nothing would do the majestic mountains of Colorado justice or show the vastness of the wide open plains in Iowa or the complete desolate lands of Utah. No words or pictures can express this, so I will stop trying. What I will try to do is challenge you to explore the world around you and discover the beauty in it and get inspired. I am going to do the same thing in my new town!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lykke, The Great

Lykke Li…one of my personal style favorites of this generation. She wears what she likes and literally rocks it. It doesn't appear that she is concerned about the trends, only what she likes. I also love that she is still layering necklaces-that is a look I still very much enjoy. Her music is even more amazing than her style persona and I love her confidence on stage. I captured the video below of Lykke performing "Let it Fall" at her concert at the famous Wiltern in LA. Adoration.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feet to the Ground, Eyes Wide Open

These floorboards were so alluring to me. With wear and tear, these boards gained a great deal of character and became very interesting. They aged with perfection. I noticed these boards while waiting in line at Malibu Seafood. It is funny what we see when we actually stop to look...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Malibu Inspiration

Everywhere I go, I try to find something that is delightful to the senses and my trip to Malibu over the weekend was no exception. I must admit with the scenery in Malibu, it was easy because I was surronded by beauty! Malibu is gorgeous-the mountains seem so close and almost surreal. California's terrain is truly spectacular.

Style note: Malibu has a mix of surfer style and beach glamour, but overall the laid back look won out.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The French Influence

I admire the French style that plays muse to so many, that je ne sais quoi. I had that reminiscent feeling of sitting at a Parisian sidewalk café the other morning at Breadbar in LA on Third Street. The breakfast was perfection, an almond croissant and steaming hot coffee. Enough to evoke a very French experience.

I vow to learn how to speak French. It will be the capstone in learning the art of French style. One of my favorite books is My French Life, by Vicki Archer. It is a must read coffee table book and the photography by Carla Coulson is stunning. The entire book is full of inspiration!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Question of Red

Yesterday's post posed a question for some…With what and how do I pull off the red lipstick? The first answer that came to mind was…confidence. With that being said, the red lipstick is a commitment for the day and will be the focal point. Therefore, it is best to keep the rest of your face fairly bare. A wonderful tip given by Poppy King, CEO and founder of Lipstick Queen, is to apply your lipstick first and you will be surprised how much less makeup will be needed on the rest of your face! I have tested this method, and couldn’t agree more.

And don't be afraid or over think things, there isn't anything special you have to wear with red lips. Honestly, I love the look with a white v-neck tee and boyfriend jeans.

Tips for application: I find that putting the lip liner all over my lips as a base of sorts helps the lipstick to stay on better and gives me that more true red color. For the first application, apply the lipstick with a lip brush. You will have to reapply during the day, so make sure to throw the lipstick in your purse. Enjoy feeling glamorous all day!