Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall has Fallen

No, the leaves haven't started changing colors yet, but the weather certainly has.  Perfect sunny days in the 70's and a chill in the evening air, yes, fall is not merely approaching it is here.  Pumpkin spice lattes are being crafted again and the world is back at work, and in the case of New Yorkers they are back in the city.  How is it already the middle of September and when did that happen?  Honestly, I feel like  I could blink and holiday shoppers will be rushing home with their treasures.  Me, having ample time on my hands am truly curious as to where all of those lost moments went…. 

Autumn lends itself to inspired thinking and sparks an awakening from my hazy days of a balmy summer.  It's as if every time this year we get a fresh start, similar to the feeling you are supposed to get at New Years, but at New Year's I only feel cold and disappointed from an overpriced night out.  Hopefully, this fall will only bring  the same feeling of rejuvenation to invigorate my senses.  My word for fall is alive and my vision is steaming hot cider, an oversized cable knit sweater with suede arm patches and a fur scarf.