Friday, October 15, 2010

caffeinated hi.

 A good café cannot be underestimated.  The mood is everything, and I hate to admit this but the actual coffee sometimes plays backseat for me.  A hole in the wall is always the best, although as cliché and horrific as it is, I still love Starbucks.  The makings of a good coffee shop is great décor with possibly an  exposed brick wall, eclectic rugs, relaxed lighting, raw wooden tables and great music lightly playing in the background.  Free wi-fi is not even a must for me.  A break from the internet would actually do me good and force me to do more productive activity, unless of course I need to work and frantically check e-mails (which is simply not the case right now).  As I am leaving New York I bid adieu to my favorite little spots, but look forward to finding new hole in the wall joints for a solid cup of joe and ambiance in the Windy City.

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  1. Windy City?? How exciting! We need to catch up. How does this weekend sound? Meet me in Auburn, Friday night. Ciao, love!